seamless oil trading and storage...

Mission Statement

We seek to be the best petroleum trading and storage company in Nigeria...

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Vision Statement

Our goal is to become the preferred organization in procurement, storage...

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Ehics and Values

Our core values have been fundamental to our success...

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Liquid bulk limited is a fully indigenous company incorporated in June 2009. We are a top energy company specializing in procuring, storing, marketing and distribution of petroleum products. Our resources and our strengths have positioned us to be a major contributor in the African Energy market, while simultaneously enhancing our presence on a global scale

Tank Farm Service

Our tank farm has 4 product tanks with the following capacities: (2)PMS 19,250,000 Litres (14,354MT)=38,116,000 Litres (28,708MT) AGO;... Read More

Jetty Service

T-designed jetty with a walkway of 18m and jetty length of about 22m.Read More

Maintanence Service

LIQUID BULK MAINTENANCE DEPT. Has a team of vast and well trained maintenance engineers equipped with modern predictive maintenance.. Read More

Gantry Service

Seven loading islands with two arms each, totalling fourteen loading arms. Read More